Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Hybrid Card

I'm really into hybrid now! Yesterday I did some shopping (DH was really nice about it: isn't he just great?!?? :-) ) and hopefully soon I'll start working on a new project..
But for now, I'm still working on cards.
I did another Christmas card for the hybrid card challenge at ScrapMatters. Here's my digital version:
and here's the actual card:

Inspired by Heather (hedderlee)
Whimsical Wonderland - collab kit by Nicole, Flergs, Amanda, Kristi, Shawn, Franziska, MGL scraps, Jaque, TrishH, Adriane, Idzi, Amy&Lauren, Ellie Lash.

It was really a huge challenge for me to cut it out! I'm not good with scissors, and the photo paper glued with Mod Podge to the card was really quite thick. But luckily I didn't do any damage and actually the card turned out really, really well!!

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