Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September

New month, new gallery at write.click.scrapbook. This month's theme is Back to School.

As I am getting ready to start the second and last year of my degree, it was fun to sit back and look at the pictures I have collected over the past year. I decided to take a picture of me for each week of class, and I love looking back and thinking about all that I have accomplished.

Year 1 photo 201409_WCS_CristinaC_Year1.jpg

Project Grids 3 template by Amy Martin
Daiy Brads no. 1 and Typeset Alphas No. 3 by Sahlin Studio
The Dirty Dame font by Heather Joyce and Valorie Wibbens

There were a lot of colors in these pictures, so I decided to convert most of them to black and white and only keep a few favorites in color.

It's kind of daunting to think I have nine more exams to go.. but one at a time, I will tackle them all. Let's go!

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