Friday, January 29, 2010

Get Ready..

Our Amy Sumrall is guesting at ScrapOrchard this month.. and this means she'll be busy designing like crazy for the whole month of February!! Actually.. she's started already! :) Check out this collab with Ziggle Designs:

Isn't it fun and adorable? :) Here's a little card I did with it:

Count S.W.A.L.-ula by Amy Sumrall and Ziggle Designs

Amy stuff works phenomenally well with hybrid. Do you see how shiny and dimensional those hearts are?!? Well, I didn't add anything glossy, it's just Amy's designs printed out on paper! :)

1 comment:

sunghee said...

ahhh~~~ so cute, so cute!!!! I just LOVE your style! Wish soemday we can make cards or scrap together! So much to learn from you!