Monday, March 30, 2009

In Love With a Kit

I picked up an older kit by Polka Dot Plum (taking advantage of the super sale going on at ScrapOrchard and Sunshine Studio Scraps on all of their stuff - and ending tomorrow!), Lipstick Kisses at Noon, and I am totally, completely IN LOVE with it!!!!!
I might even say it's my favorite kit ever by Amy and Laren, if I didn't already love many of their other kits.. But still, this one is really special!
Let me show you what I scrapped with it. There's this..


Lift of XOXO by monsu

Lipstick Kisses at Noon by Polka Dot Plum

Font: Painty Paint

and then this:


Lipstick Kisses at Noon by Polka Dot Plum

So much sweetness and romanticism and love!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Me Mini Accordion Album

I'm loving hanging out at TheDigiChick lately and I took part in a workshop there. Throughout the month of March, we put together a mini album, and this weekend I actually printed it out and assembled it. It turned out really cute!!!! (And in case you were wondering, yes, I do have a thing with pink right now..)


Inspired by Michelle Filo.


Bleached Cardboard and star stamp from Tough Stuff by Sugarplum Paperie

Font: Fluoxetine

Page 1:

Bleached Cardboard and Black Scuffed Up Alpha (recolored) by Sugarplum Paperie

Wordart by Charla Virkler

Font: Fluoxetine

Page 2:

Bleached Cardboard and Little Love Bits (recolored) by Sugarplum Paperie

Wordart by Charla Virkler

Font: Fluoxetine

Page 3:

Bleached Cardboard and Glitzy Bits by Sugarplum Paperie

Wordart by Charla Virkler

Page 4:

Bleached Cardboard and Little Bits by Sugarplum Paperie

Font: Fluoxetine

Page 5:

Bleached Cardboard and Little Bits by Sugarplum Paperie

Page 6:

Bleached Cardboard, button from Little Bits and dots from Project 365 Part 2 by Sugarplum Paperie

Page 7:

Bleached Cardboard and Tiny Paper Flowers by Sugarplum Paperie

Wordart by Charla Virkler

Page 8:

Bleached Cardboard by Sugarplum Paperie

Wordart by Charla Virkler

I used exclusively products by Sugarplum Paperie for doing this.

The only drawback of this project is that I never used acrylic colors before and they don't quite work as I expected.. So painting the tin box was more troublesome than I had anticipated.. Anyway, everything turned out well in the end! :)
(Yes, I did buy the mints just to use the tin box... ;) )

Cupcake Fun

I took a last picture of DH last week while I was preparing cupcakes and coloring fondant, and as I shot it I was already thinking about what color of paper to use to scrap it! ;)


Template by sbaird

Papers (recolored) from Cozy Sophisticate - DigiChick collab

Scribble Brush Alpha by mgl Scraps

Beads (recolored) by Chelle's Creations

Font: SS Whimsy

It was really funny to see his tongue turn all pink and he was a good sport about it and let me take a picture. :)

ETA: I made Gallery Standouts at SM with this LO! ;) My first time ever!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Polka Dot Plum Big Sale

Amy and Lauren of Polka Dot Plum have a great sale (only for 5 days so make sure you don't miss it) because they're leaving Sunshine Studio Scraps and ScrapOrchard (and they're going to a NEW, special place... more about that in the next few days ;) )
So this is the perfect time for you to snag all those gorgeous kits you've been drooling over!

Here's their store at Sunshine Studio Scraps and at ScrapOrchard.
The sale will show up only once you put the item on the cart and it will last only until Tuesday!!

Just in case you're undecided what to get, let me show you Amy and Lauren's newest creation:
Hippity Hoppity is just SO CUTE!!!!!!!! You can find it at ScrapOrchard until Tuesday, and it's 20% off!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring Banner

Between yesterday after dinner and part of the evening today I have completed a very cute and simple hybrid project.
I created a spring banner with some 7 coasters I picked up at Red Lobster :) (I had 7 coasters, since I picked 5 up when we went with my parents around Christmas, and 2 more on a later visit with DH, so it worked really well with the letters I planned to use: one coaster for "happy", and one each for the 6 letters in "spring"). :)

Yesterday I designed the LOs, printed them out on normal paper, cut them out (cutting out circles is soooo boring! ;)), and stuck all 14 of them to the coasters with Mod Podge (of course, I made the banner double sided).
I debated whether to create a horizontal banner as inspired by jjstar, but I wouldn't know where to hang it.. and I suddenly had the inspiration: create a vertical banner! We have a few hooks in the ceiling in our house (there's one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in the 2nd bedroom)  so it worked out perfect!
Today I finished the circles brushing them with Mod Podge: I applied 2 layers of Mod Podge perpendicular to each other as inspired by jjstar's creation, and I love the texture!!
I punched holes in the coasters with my Crop-a-dile. Finally, since I only have very few ribbon at home (red, black, and autumn inspired!) I used twine to connect the circles - it turned out very cute!


Bleached Cardboard, Monograms vol. 1 and 2, Tiny Paper Flowers (all with some recoloring) by Sugarplum Paperie

Paper shapers by Britt-ish Designs

White Vellum Alpha - Designs by Tater

I still want to buy some ribbon that matches the colors to embellish it a bit, but it's already very cute as it is!

The most painful thing of the whole project was taking a picture, because of course the banner keeps spinning around and it was hard to get a shot with all the letters showing up! :)

It's amazing how only a few months ago, when I first started hybrid, this project would have taken me days and days to finish! I'm really proud of myself - and so happy I got into hybrid in the first place! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

What A Change..

I scrapped another LO for the My Story Matters challenges over at ScrapMatters. This time we had to scrap about something about us before the age of 2, so I chose to document how I ate very little as a child. (Gosh, how do things change as years go by! :D)


Happy Land by Mira Designs

Reuse Recycle Flowers by Britt-ish Designs

Font: SS Whimsy

This is the first LO I do using this kit and I just loved using it!! The page just came together in no time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Scrapping..

I didn't get any scrapping done this weekend, but I still did a lot of things! :)  Spring cleaning felt really good!
But I also had my first experience with cupcakes, and fondant! And I'm very proud of the result! :)

Of course, this will be scrapped in a few LOs soon.. ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunset Pictures

It took me a few tries, but I think I finally mastered sunset pictures.
Saturday evening we had a fabulous sunset here and I took some pictures. I wasn't planning to scrap them because I always find it hard to scrap a gorgeous landscape picture, but I tried it out and I found some papers that really matched and enhanced the pictures. I'm very pleased with the result!


Template by Cyndi Price

Tropical Daiquiri (some recoloring) - Scrap'it Designs by Brianna Cox

Glitzy Paper Dot Alpha and Bunches of Flowers by Britt-ish Designs

Font: Fluoxetine

The papers and ribbons are from Tropical Daiquiri by Bree, and it's 60% off like her whole store until March 27!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Concert LO - How to Save a So-So Picture

I wasn't in the mood for scrapping tonight, but then I got inspired and ended up doing a page I'm actually very pleased with! :)

Paper from Party Hat, buttons from Little Bits and date stamps from Project 365 - 2 (all with some recoloring) by Sugarplum Paperie
Font: My Own Topher

The best part is that this is not a photo I was planning to scrap because while (quite extraordinarily! ;) ) DH turned out pretty well, all the members of the choir around him are either making funny faces or are moving around like crazy (there was very poor light so I needed a longish esposure - 1/20), or both!
Selective coloring and some cover-up elements really worked well here!
Had I cropped the picture, the impression of DH being in a choir would have been completely lost!

So, I'm really happy I took pictures at the concert, despite the poor light and the difficulty of shooting when DH wasn't hiding behind the music or making ugly faces. ;) Another major drawback is that I felt really uncomfortable taking pictures because of the shutter noise.. I'm pretty sure nobody even noticed, but that didn't help me avoid feeling guilty as I was shooting. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 10 and Big Sale of Brianna Cox's Products

I scrapped week 10 of my Project 365.


Cool Change - Scrap'it Designs by Brianna Cox

Font: Note this

I used Cool Change by Brianna Cox for this double-pager.
I also wanted to tell you that since Snap and Scrap is closing, Bree's store is 60% off until March 27!! This sale is awesome so go and check out Bree's store!

Birthday Card

I prepared a birthday card for my Mom today and it turned out super cute! :)

I used Cutieful Doodleful Youville by Polka Dot Plum and Amy Sumrall to prepare the card:

then I simply printed it, cut it out and mod podged it for finish. I gave diagonal strokes. :)
Finally, glued it to a blank 5x7 card with Mod Podge. Et voila'!

I used normal paper and of course when I mod podged it the color did bleed a little, but it didn't bother me because it actually made the background paper pinkier. :)
It think it turned out really cute!! When the picture looks better than the digital version, you definitely know your hybrid project was a hit! ;)

Yep, I took these pretty pictures in our light tent, albeit still with our living room lamp and not the really nice one we bought for the tent - still need to buy a lamp holder for that! :)

Week 9

I'm finally catching up with my Project 365 LOs! These past couple weeks I haven't been in the mood of scrapping them, but I hope to get them all done today. :)


Cutieful Doodleful Youville by Polka Dot Plum and Amy Sumrall

Photo stamps from Project 365 #2 by Sugarplum Paperie

Font: Note this

I used the super fun Cutieful Doodleful Youville by Polka Dot Plum and Amy Sumrall. I love those pinks!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Valentine's Day Hunt LO

Tonight I scrapped the last LO about the hunt I organized for DH on Valentine's Day. (I know, I have yet to take pictures of the house album I gave him and post them, but we have to buy a good lamp for our light tent before I can do that.)
I really love how this LO turned out!! The shadows look unexpectedly great on that dark background!


Template by Linz

Beautiful Distraction by Tracie Stroud

Font: CK Cursive

I'm not sure that the title of the LO, Last Stop, is not mixed up with the paper strip that says "I Love You".. But I don't really care if it does, I just liked the look of it all together and I'm not going to change that paper strip! :)

TWO Lucky Kits by Polka Dot Plum

Amy and Lauren have been busy and created TWO new mini-kits, in the stores today!
Pot O' Gold is exclusive to ScrapOrchard,

while Irish Jig is exclusive to Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Whether you're Irish or not, whether you celebrate St. Patrick's Day or not, I'm sure these kits can work for scrapping many of your pictures: they're so versatile!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Baptism - A Couple More LOs

I made two more LOs with pictures from my baptism. These pictures are so precious I couldn't leave them out so I ended up scrapping them all! :)

Flower Girl by Angie Kovacs and Megan Turnidge

I was 3 months old and the pictures depict me with my parents, maternal grandparents, paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother (only in the next LO).
The next page I did for a Roadmap to Scrap challenge at ScrapMatters, following these instructions:
  1. Choose at least 2 photos
  2. Your background must be a photo; feel free to blend it with a paper or alter it in any way
  3. Your main pic must have a cluster of elements next to it
  4. Add at least 4 circles
  5. Include at least one doodle or hand-drawn element
  6. Choose at least three ribbons
  7. Be creative with your date--no fonts!
  8. Use an alpha for your title

Flower Girl by Angie Kovacs and Megan Turnidge
Date Bits 1 by Misty Cato
Scuffed Up Alpha Black (recolored) by Sugarplum Paperie
Font: FG Bonnie's

I can't wait for the next My Story Matters challenge, coming next Sunday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Story Matters #3 - My Hometown

I'm all caught up with the My Story Matters challenges over at ScrapMatters now. Tonight I did a page about my hometown:

Flower Girl by Megan Turnidge and Angie Kovacs
Bead-aholic Alpha and My Bead Jar (recolored) by Britt-ish Designs
Font: Note this and My Own Topher

I'm so glad my parents have been scanning all my baby pictures lately, it's so precious to see them!

Valentine Page #6

I did page #6 of our Valentine's Day scavenger hunt.

We Give Thanks by Polka Dot Plum
Tiny Paper Flowers (recolored) by Sugarplum Paperie
Font: Note this

I love how the gorgeous We Give Thanks kit by Amy and Lauren works for any kind of LO, not just Thanksgiving ones!

Cutieful Doodleful Youville

It's here!!!! Amy and Lauren's new kit is in the shop, and it's funkier than ever!
They teamed up with Amy Sumrall to create a fun, fun kit called Cutieful Doodleful Youville.

I just love the colors and those sweet doodles! Go snag it right away at Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming Soon...

The PDP girls did it again!! They have a new kit coming soon, and I know you'll love it! Here's a little sneak peek:

The colors are super funky and the doodles are super cute!
The kit is a collab with Amy Sumrall and will be in the shops Friday. I'll be back then to post previews and links to the stores. :)

I bet this kit will be perfect to scrap a few pictures I have left from Valentine's Day! In the meantime, I used another great kit by Amy and Lauren (probably my favorite ever), We Give Thanks, to complete another page about the Valentine's Day hunt. :)


Template by Amysout

We Give Thanks by Polka Dot Plum

Font: Note this

But I have more great news: the template I used for this LO was created by a fellow CT member, Amy, and is avaliable on the CT blog! Go get it right away! :)

Cute Bird

I took a few pictures of this cute bird this morning, and I wanted to do a page with it. It was soooo cute! :)


Tough Stuff (recolored) by Sugarplum Paperie

Flowers from Flower Girl collab by Angie Kovacs and Megan Turnidge (recolored)

Font: Note this

So, DH and I went to see Twilight (at the $1 theater!! yaaay!) yesterday night. We'd been putting it off because we were wary.. how could you possibly make a good movie out of such a great book? Well, no big surprise - we weren't impressed. It did make me want to re-read (again!) the book, though. :)

I'm about to upload the next page about our Valentine's Day hunt. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another My Story Matters LO

I did another LO for the My Story Matters challenges at ScrapMatters. This time we were to scrap about the origin of our name.


Flower  Girl (some recoloring) by Angie Kovacs and Megan Turnidge

Font: Note this

Megan just joined ScrapMatters as a designer and I was RAKed with a gift card by her today to celebrate her new designing spot. I picked up the gorgeous kit I used for this page. :)

And that's it for today! Don't expect anything tomorrow either, DH and I are going to the cinema! :)


I am really proud to say that the LO I posted yesterday was chosen to be scraplifted for the March '09 Scraplift Challenge at Snap and Scrap! Go check it out here!

Tonight I scrapped the next piece of the Valentine hunt. I'm not done yet! :) More to come soon.

For this page, I used the same kit I used to decorate the small mailbox (tutorial here), Que Sera Sera by Polka Dot Plum. You can find that great kit at ScrapOrchard and Sunshine Studio Scraps.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monthiversary #21

Thursday DH and I had our little adventure in the city: we took the bus to go to a fancy restaurant, had a lovely dinner with wine pairing, and got a cab to get back home (no drink&drive for us!).
It was a lovely, lovely evening. We took some pictures at the restaurant but since I brought my big camera I didn't trust to have a picture of us taken (the light was really low - candlelight! - and I was pretty sure nothing good would turn out if we had the picture taken by someone who doesn't know the camera). So, once we got home and put on our PJs ready to go to bed, we took a few timed shots on the sofa. Here's one of the cutest.


Tropical Daiquiri and alpha from About a Girl - Scrap'it Designs by Brianna Cox

I used Bree's latest kit for this, Tropical Daiquiri. That kit is so sweet, it inspires me a lot of romanticism!!