Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Speed Scrap

I'm coming from tonight's Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters. And of course, I couldn't refrain from doing another zoo LO! :-)
Here are the instructions:
  1. Choose at least 3 photos and arrange them as follows: One is substantially larger than the others and the smaller ones are lined up together along a side of the larger photo.
  2. Use at least 4 papers. Be creative, use as BG, mats, shapes, etc.
  3. Use ONE frame to frame all the photos together.
  4. I want to see a really good layered element cluster, I LOVE clusters!
  5. Use something from nature on your layout.
  6. One word title, use an alpha.
  7. Journal at least three sentences, DATE, and post!


Chilled Wine collab kit by Sugarplum Paperie and mgl Scraps

Feather (recolored) from wm squared's Sep. 08 Grab Bag

White Vellum Alpha - Designs by Tater

Paper Shapers by Britt-ish Designs

Font: My Own Topher

I do feel there's something missing somewhere.. Maybe some elements on the bottom? Hmmm... I'm way too tired to do anything about it now. :)
But let me say one thing: I'm proud of that feather!!!! When I read the instruction about putting in an element from nature, somehow I thought about putting in a feather, found one in my scrappin' stash, and recolored it to taste: and there we go! :)

A LO at last!

I wasn't inspired this weekend so no scrapping (hehe I was too busy winning stuff - and there's more to what I posted!! Can you believe that??? :-) I also won a secret comment challenge at ScrapMatters and got a 5$ GC!! That place is so special that they have a prize every week for someone who leaves love in other people's galleries.. So I got myself this gorgeous kit I'd been drooling over all weekend:
Anyway, as I was saying, finally yesterday night I felt like scrapping. :) I did a challenge at CatScraps (even though I didn't use any of their products so I'm not really running for the challenge): we had to lift a page without seeing it, only knowing the description of the LO made by the scrapper who did it. Here's what I did:
Feels like home - collab kit by Ziggle Designs and B-Creative Designs
Stitching from Honeydew and staple from Juicy by Ksharonk Designs
Kraft Paper Alpha (recolored) - Designs by Tater
Font: My Own Topher
As you can see I started using some of the beautiful stuff I got this weekend: the kit by Ziggle Designs and the alpha by Tater. :)
I had to tweak the photo a lot, because even though I love this picture, the quality was really bad when looked up close.
I'm really happy with the result!
I never used a second paper on the page in this way, it's not really my style I guess, but I love the effect it does on this page! Another great reason to play in challenges: they make you do things you wouldn't do on your own!

Tonight, 9 PM EST, speed scrap at ScrapMatters! I'll have work to do tonight unfortunately, but I don't want to miss the speed scrap, so I'll be there!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Krystal Hartley is having a CT call!

Wow I've been waiting for this one!!!!
OK, now, honestly, I've sent out a few applications to be on CTs lately, and none of them went well. But I'm still thinking that one day a designer will really like my style and pick me. And it would be just great if it were Krystal, because I simply LOVE her designs (as I've said again and again and again)..
Anyway, check out the CT call here! You definitely don't want to miss this one!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wooo! Chats and RAKs today!!

Today I won 6 Gift Cerfiticates from 6 designers!!!!!!
I went to the chat at Scrapmatters hosted by Denise and won quite a few trivia games, and I got these goodies:
  • Happy Scrap Girl's grab bag, which contains a kit, a gorgeous autumn paper pack, 2 alphas, and some templates!!
  • wm squared's grab bag, which contains a kit, an alpha, some templates and a few brag book pages, plus I got her Autumn Poutpourri paper pack!!
  • Tater's grab bag, which contains 3 gorgeous alphas, one mini kit, and a great autumn paper pack; plus I got another alpha!!
  • I also won a GC from Simply Sweet Designs but I can't make up my mind on what to get, so I'll think about it tomorrow. Too much cute stuff to chose from!! :)
But it's not all!!!!!!
Then, I went over at Scrap Orchard for the chat (I couldn't make it for their speed scrap because I had work to do today.. ugh!) and again I won a few games, and got two GC from Ziggle Designs and Pineapple Plantation Designs!!! So I got these amazing kits!!!!!!!!!
I really should start spending more time at Scrap Orchard, because the girls are amazing there!!

BTW, head over to Scrap Matters because they're having their 1st birthday celebration and all the store il 30% off!!

What a day!!!! I still have to sort all the goodies I downloaded!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOO! :D

Bella Scraps Magazine Giveaway

Holley is giving away a $25 GC to Bella Scraps Magazine!!
Check it out here!

Friday, September 26, 2008

RAKed by KimB

I was RAKed by KimB last week with an amazing 19 (yes, nineteen!!!) $ gift card! She was giving it away to celebrate her 19th wedding anniversary and I was lucky enough to win! :D
So after thinking about it for a few days, today I finally decided what I wanted, and here's what I got:
Wow!!!!! Lots of goodies!!!!! I'm really happy with what I chose! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Challenge Time!

I scrapped this tonight for a challenge at Sugarplum Paperie for which you had to scrap about something new in your life. 

Chilled Wine collab kit by Sugarplum Paperie and mgl Scraps

Date Bits by Misty Cato

Fonts: FG Bonnie's, My Own Topher

I'm really loving this kit!!!

Speed Scrap at SM (Zoo LO)

I speed scrapped last night and had a blast!!
I sure had a great night, because I finished this in little over an hour, and I love it! ;)
The speed scrap (at ScrapMatters of course) was hosted by haynay and these were the instructions:
  1. one solid, dark paper, used as the background. One patterned paper used in any way on the page (other than background). No more, no less.
  2. 3 photos: 2 must be the same size. The other one must be smaller than the 2.
  3. One frame only, but that frame needs to have a cluster on or behind it. (I want to encourage you to use drop shadows—especially with the clusters)
  4. Use a hanger anywhere on the page.
  5. Must use something shiny on the page: can be metal, glitter, bling. I don’t care; I just want some shine!
  6. Title: Use 2 alphas please.
  7. Date your page. And, you can journal…BUT, you cannot journal any more than 2 sentences. It will work if you have no journaling at all!
I used the beautiful kit I was RAKed with last week, Chilled Wine!
Here's my LO, Fancy Birds:

Credits: Chilled Wine collab kit by Sugarplum Paperie and mgl Scraps
Dymo - It - Big Alpha by Anita Stergiou
Paper shapers by Britt-ish Designs

I used the beautiful kit I was RAKed with last week, Chilled Wine!
I just recolored the alpha & frame slightly to match the pictures, and that was it! I love how I was "forced" by the instructions to pick a dark paper - I might not have thought about it otherwise, and I think it looks great with these pics! I usually choose pictures first, and papers next, but this time, following the instructions, I picked the kit first, then stumbled upon these zoo pictures (yaaaay! Another LO done! :) ) and tried them out: perfect! :)
OK, enough rambling.. But I'm seriously in love with this LO! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Winty - Brianna Cox CT Application

Bree of Scrap'it Designs has had the greatest idea ever for choosing two new members of her CT: she's having all the applicants send in a LO made with her stuff, and then her bloggers will vote their favorite! Check it out here!
So I did this LO and I'm very happy with how it turned out!


Template by Meghan Mullens

I Luv U Beary Much Add On and Nasty Alpha by Scrap'it designs by Brianna Cox
Now I feel like I should do a page for each of our stuffed animals (yes, we have a big family!! :) ) but that would take me forever (especially true, since we keep adding to the collection :) ).
I have quite a few more urgent pics to scrap about now (you haven't forgotten about the zoo visit, right? :) I have 2-3 more LO to make with that!), but this project is certainly something I'll do.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cinnamon Designs

Today I stumbled upon a great designer: Cinnamon Designs! I've fallen in love with her style!
Check it out here! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Choir

I speed scrapped Thursday night at ScrapMatters (hosted by Bree!).
It was really speedy, because I had brought home some work, and was working and scrapping at the same time.
Here are the rules
  1. Choose a photo, 1 only!
  2. Choose your papers, you can have as many as you want, but you must have a least 1 solid and 1 patterned paper. One of the papers must be used to create a shape (any shape), you can use paper shapers, clipping masks….whatever, just as long as you create some type of shape from a paper.
  3. Take your photo and repeat it in some way. You can repeat it as many times as you like, but it must be the same photo. You can blend it into the background, stack it etc, as long as the photo appears on the page more than once.
  4. Frame your photo/s (if you have blended one, you do not need to frame it, but you do need at least 1 framed photo on the page. Hang your frame. If you have used multiple frames, at least 1 of your frames must be hanging.
  5. Embellish your page any way you wish!!
  6. Title your page. You MUST use an alpha for some of the title, but you can’t use it for ALL of the title. Mix it up!!
  7. Add journaling if you wish, date and save!!!!!!
The other night I didn't do any journaling because I was in a hurry, so, today I added in the journaling, and here's the result.

Olde Skool by Kim Christensen Designs and Debra Tope Designs
Hanger from I'm a Dreamer by Britt-ish Designs

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucky Day! I got RAKed!!!

I got RAKed by mgl scraps!!!!!!!!!!!!
(RAK = Random Act of Kindness)
Here's what I got!!!!!
Chilled Wine by mgl scraps and Sugarplum Paperie!!
It's just a gorgeous kit!!!!!! I LOVE it! :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lunch Time (zoo 2 pager)

Between yesterday and today evening, I completed another zoo 2 pager.
I worked a lot on the pictures and the shadows and I'm really happy about it because I learnt a lot during the process.

Downunder minikit by ksharonk

Natural Alpha by Vicki Stegall Designs
I loved this mini kit by ksharonk!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yet Another Zoo LO

Busy weekend (lots of social events :)) but it was quite fun.

I scrapped another zoo LO yesterday.
(in case you were wondering.. No, the zoo LOs aren't finished yet! :-P I plan to do another 2-3 since I have some more cute pictures.)
Credits: I'm A Dreamer by Britt-ish Designs

Not your typical zoo colors, but then, why not? :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zoo Reflections

I did another LO from the pics from our visit to the zoo in late August.
I'm very happy with this LO because we took a lot of pictures at the zoo, but I decided to put these 2 together and do a page on reflections.

Paper and flower (some recoloring) from Crackleberry freebie by kskd designs

See Clearly Alpha by Misty Cato

Cloud from The Sky Is Falling by Krystal Hartley

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Operation Spruce: the other LOs

Following up on the LO I did the other night for the Speed Scrap, I scrapped 3 more pages about our adventure planting the spruce in our garden. I had fun doing them!
So here's the 4 pages all together.
The credits are the same of the 1st page and can be found here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mira Designs CT Call

Mira Designs is having a CT call!!
Check it out (you can find the link in my blog list on the right)!
I love her style!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters

I did a speed scrap at ScrapMatters tonight! I had missed the last few so I'm especially glad I was there for this one.
I think it was one I finished in less time!
Here's the instructions:
1. Choose three photos. No more, no less.
2. Chose two solid papers. Use one for the background, the other to mat your three photos. They can be three individual mats or one mat for all three, your choice.
3. Use something metal to attach your photos to the mat (i.e.: staples, brads, clips).
4. There must be a star somewhere on the LO.
5. Add a swirl somewhere.
6. Title, you must use word art. You can make the word art yourself!
7. Journal, date and post.
and here's my LO:


Template from Creative Block templates by Britt-ish Designs

Papers, alpha and elements from Xoxo by Corina Nielsen and Misstiina

Paper Shapers, staple from I'm A Dreamer by Britt-ish Designs

Fonts: My Own Topher, FG Bonnie's
I'm very happy with it!!
Of course, it will become a 2 pager, because actually planting the spruce in the garden was quite an adventure! :)

Birthday LO

My birthday and my dad's are only 6 days apart. However, a few thousand miles separated us this year and we couldn't celebrate together.
In addition to that, this year my Dad turned 70, so it was an important birthday! I was so sorry not to be there! So I asked my Mom to take some pictures, and she did a pretty good job (she's a hopelessly lousy photographer! :)).
Yesterday night I worked on a 2 page LO for our birthdays and I'm in love with it!
(sorry for the blur in the pic but I had to cancel the locations)

Party Hat by Sugarplum Paperie (some recoloring)

(I created the alpha with font: Rockwell Extra Bold)

The Big Blue Alpha (recolored) by Britt-ish Designs

Font: My Own Topher
I love Sugarplum Paperie's stuff!!
Here's a closer look:

Misty Cato CT Call

Misty Cato, designer of one of the blogs I regularly stalk, and undoubtedly the tutorial queen, is having a CT Call. (See her blog for details - link in my blog list on the right)
So I decided to give it a try!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Singing Husband

My husband joined the choir at our church!
I'm very proud of him and I know he's very happy to sing there.
We've been going to our church for a year now, but my husband never inquired about joining the choir. Then, a couple weeks ago, one choir member heard my husband sing during Mass and asked him to join the choir.
So yesterday, 1st day after summer vacation, the choir was back, and my husband was in it!
It felt a bit awkward to sit in the pew without him :( but I'm happy for him.
He sure looks handsome in the blue gown!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zoo 2 Pager

I'm working on my (noisy) mac and here's another Zoo LO. I love these pictures!! The frogs were actually in a glass case. At first, we really had a hard time spotting them, since they were camouflaged so well!

everything from Posh by Rachel Martin Designs


leaf paper: Tree of Life by Julie Marie

Alpha Angel of Love 1 (recolored) by digiscrap.ch

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Defensive Driving and Aggressive Husband

Today I went to a defensive driving course so I can get a discount on insurance. It was quite interesting, but I can think of at least 20 better things to do on a Saturday.. :-)

On the other hand, we want to pick up our Mac - again - and brought it home. This time they put in the right 256 MB video card. But as soon as we turned it on it was plain apparent that something was wrong - the fan keeps running.
And this time my husband is really angry - and has every reason to be I must add.
So I'm still with very limited scrapping equipment - this is so sad! And I also missed Britt's show off gift for this week. A beautiful paper pack! :-(

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great News (Autocelebratory Post)

I passed the Preliminary Exam and I'm now officially a 2nd year student.
And it feels good!!

OK, I can admit it now. I never thought I could not pass it, but it's a big relief to actually get the results and know it.
Especially, it feels good to read: "Further congratulations are due, because you received a high grade on the exam". :-D

Yaaaaay for me!!

Wordart, Bad News and Indiana Jones

I was reading a few blogs this morning and on Misty Cato's blog (great for tutorials too, you can find in in my favorite blogs' list on the right) I found out about this funny website, Wordle, that creates a word composition with the words you input. I inserted my blog and here's what came out.

And now the bad news: they didn't take me for ScrapMatters' CT call.. I was quite disappointed because although when I applied I realistically knew they would have a lot more talented scrappers to choose among, since it took so long to get the answer (9 looong days) my hopes inevitably went up.
Anyway, they have a brand new CT there (although I'm thrilled to see some names of the previous CT still there!) and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

We went to see the latest Indiana Jones yesterday night. I thought it was fun; my husband said it made too much fun of itself.. Anyway, I'm happy they did it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Zoo LO

I did another zoo LO.
This is about a super fun show we watched there called Tales of Tails. The pictures we took were really bad, but I wanted to scrap about this because it's such a nice memory.
So I tweaked them a little bit and here we go:

Building Blocks Template by Heather Lee
Happy 2B {stuck with you} collab kit by Krystal Hartley and Marcie Reckinger 
Tamed Alpha by Creashens (used for 'tails')

I just love this kit (it's the same I used for The Rhinos, another zoo LO I did previously, and I wanted to reuse it).
I did this LO for the Tuesday Template challenge at ScrapMatters.

A Challenge (At Last!)

After too much time I finally scrapped a LO for a challenge.
I'm not 100% happy with this LO; it might be because I started it on my husband's notebook with very limited scrapping supplies.. Anyway, I couldn't get anywhere with it so I finished it as it was.
I'm not 100% happy with it because although I love the title idea, I'm not really happy with how it turned out.
Anyway, still not a LO I should throw away, IMHO. The picture was really poor quality and I like how it turned out after I tweaked it a bit.

I did this following ScrapMatter's 8/30 Saturday Special challenge hosted by Lina with these rules:
  1. only one photo,
  2. something bling (a jewel, glitter, etc),
  3. no less than 3 papers,
  4. a binder (clip, stapes, etc)
  5. at least 3 flowers and
  6. you must use an alpha!
and here's the LO:

Background paper + (recolored) bling safety pin from SM August Daily Download Kit: Say It With Bling, by Designs by Tater
Other papers: The Depths by Kara Fredricks
Cottage Arts Tear Template
Flowers by AneczaW

Outrageous (I Talked Too Soon)

We're about to go back to the Apple Store because we found out that they did indeed replace the malfuncioning VRAM, but instead of replacing the 256 MB we had, they put in 128.
Wasn't that smart?
We really feel we're a bit unlucky.

It's Back!!!!

My Mac is Back!!!!!!
I had almost given up hope, since we were waiting on a part and I figured, with the long weekend, it would never come in. But it did and it's working and I can catch up with all the things I missed this week. :)
Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow! :D