Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Card Keepsake

I was inspired by the CK blog to create a keepsake for our Christmas cards. Every year, I never quite know what to do with our Christmas cards, and while I don't want to throw them out, they all end mixed up in one box or another.. So this project was just perfect for my taste: it looks pretty, and it keeps all the cards together!


I even created a gift log, thanks to these gorgeous prompts by Sahlin Studio:

A page for me, one for DH, and one for both of us, including the gifts we received and those we made.

I really enjoyed putting this together, using some of the goodies I got with my Christmas gift card at AC Moore! ;) I am completely in love with glossy accents!

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Sunghee said...

What a perfect idea! God knows where I put all the cards I received this Christmas! I've been putting all the cards in one box. But, this is fabulous! I could totally make albums with cards! Wow!!! And your project looks fab, of course!!!

Lucky you! I got Michaels gift cards. Heehee. I'm complaining that I got gifts cards to Michaels, hehe. But, seriously, AC Moore carries better stuff for paper crafting!