Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jewelry Anyone?

My mom's birthday was this past week. Since we've been living far away for the past few years, I haven't been able to give her a birthday present on her birthday. But this year, I found a way to send her a little something: I made her a hybrid pendant! It all started when I saw this gorgeous kit by Jenn Barrette and fell in love with the gorgeous patterns of the papers:

Bring in Tim Holtz's facets, and you get a very light pendant that can be mailed easily:

Hybrid Necklace

Free as a Bird by Jenn Barrette
Facets - Tim Holtz idea-ology

I will be making more of these for sure!

ETA: I got a hybrid gallery standout at MeSoScrappy with this project. ;)


sunghee said...

I saw tim holt;s facets online and thought about buying it. But, now that i see what you can make with it, I want to buy it! Beautiful!!!

Sandy Ang said...

What a versatile crafter you are. Even making jewellery. It's beautiful

girlie said...

i totally agree!! that is beautiful!!