Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

I've had a quite busy weekend craft-wise:

Cards and hybrid projects completed: 4
Hybrid cards printed and cut out, ready to be assembled: 3.5
P365 LOs done: 0

I really need to set my priorities straight. The problem is that hybrid is so much fun it's hard to stop! But this week I really need to catch up on my P365. In the meantime, here's two of the things I got done this weekend. First off, the inspirational piece that has been printed for a while, but yesterday I finally bought push pins for my new cork board so now it is in place:

You Can Do Anything

Life Is Beautiful papers, elements and alpha by Ju Kneipp

(Of course, the cork board isn't yet hanging on the wall, but one day or the other I will coerce DH into putting it up. :) ) I actually ended up buying a cork board just because I wanted to hang this piece up, and square frames are hard to come by. Plus, the wallpaper in this room wouldn't have gone well with the fun colors and patterns I plan to put up, so a cork board was the best solution.

Then I made this card:

You Brighten My Day card

Life Is Beautiful papers and elements by Ju Kneipp
Font: Pea Stacy's Doodle Script

The colors and textures in Juliana Kneipp's kits are absolutely stunning! I got a GSO on the ScrapMatters GSO blog for this one. ;)

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sunghee said...

Beautiful~!!! Don't know how you keep up with crafting and have a full-time job, and don't you go to school, too? What is your secret!