Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 52 Cards - Another Year Begins

After completing my Project 52 Cards successfully in 2011 (I gave DH a card made by me every week of the year, and have pictures to prove it! ;) ), I am continuing in 2012 as well. Here are the first 3 weeks' worth of photos.

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 1

You can see the Week 1 card here. (I am counting Jan. 1 as one week in this case, unlike what I'm doing in my Project Life)

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 2

You can see the Week 2 card here.

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 3

You can see the Week 3 card here.

Happy Monday everyone! I haven't finished my Week 2 of my Project Life yet - still have to print a couple photos for Saturday&Sunday, but it shouldn't take long. :) So look for it tomorrow!

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